Sell House As Is – Without Emotional Energy!

You can sell house as is, for less than you owe the bank! Call us now to find out how easy it really is. After a few straightforward questions, we’ll get you back in touch with you within ONLY ONE HOUR with a cash offer, and then you can simply walk away with money-in-hand…for life! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

First, assess the selling price. If it’s more than your estimated repair costs, you may need repairs. If so, you’ll need to budget for these repairs prior to listing the house. Otherwise, you’ll want to list the home as is and wait for someone to make an offer. Either way, you’re likely going to get an offer that is higher than your estimated repair costs.

Once you’ve assessed the selling price and repairs, you’re ready to start marketing your property. Listing as is eliminating the headaches of negotiating for a fair price with potential buyers. No need to bargain for a lower price now. Just list the home as is and let the real estate investors who are searching the internet for properties to buy to do the negotiations. They will be the ones that will contact you if they have any leads or interest. Don’t list the home as currently in need of repairs, when you really don’t need to.

Potential buyers will certainly check the house out. In fact, most buyers will already have been in contact with you and have decided if they want to pursue the purchase at this time. If not, don’t lose faith. Many buyers may still be looking for a potential repair job on your property.

Once you know the value of your home, you can contact your lender and tell them the value. If they are unwilling to come down on the cost of the repairs, then there is still hope. The best way to get that potential buyer to pay the full amount is to go through a home inspection with them. This way they can see firsthand what repairs are required, the severity of the damages, and the savings that could be gained if they choose to proceed with the purchase. A home inspection is not a requirement when selling as is, but having it performed by a qualified and experienced home inspector will give the buyers a lot more confidence in the home’s condition.

Not everyone is comfortable with doing inspections themselves. If you decide to use this service, make sure you find a qualified inspector who will do an honest and thorough job. Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded by the inspectors who want to charge extra for inspections that aren’t needed. These individuals may claim they are conducting inspections on your behalf but in reality, they just want to cash in on your fear. A good real estate agent will have no problem explaining why additional inspections are necessary and will go over the repairs in detail.

One of the benefits to selling homes as is that you won’t have to deal with all of the headaches and frustration of possible future problems. The buyers may offer you a fair price but you also need to consider the repairs that could come up along the way. Even if you are confident in the sale and believe the deal is perfect, don’t accept the offer until you’ve had the inspection. Doing so can help you avoid making costly mistakes that could have been avoided.

Home Inspections is not easy and they require a certain amount of energy and focus on your part. If you are attempting to sell the house as is, you need to put energy into ensuring the home inspection is a positive experience for buyers. You can often eliminate or reduce the risk of these inspections by offering slightly less than the full value to cover any possible repairs before they take place. This can help you generate more cash offers that may make the difference between getting and not getting the house sold. You can also use the extra cash to make improvements or add-ons that will increase the value of the property.