The Year of Shayari Holiness in Islam

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When you ask about a betterment of the soul, ‘Shayari Holiness’ comes to mind. The word is derived from ‘Shayari’, a title of Lord Rama’s servant, Balabhadra. The word is used for the spiritual and ethical code expressed by Balabhadra, Lord Krishna’s disciple and confidant in many instances. Balabhadra constantly admonished his master about the wrong practices associated with materialism. Here’s the homepage.

When ‘Shayari Holiness’ is spoken, the connotation is’righteousness’ or’morality’. In the ashrams of India, it is emphasized on the path of purity and celibacy. Religious significance aside, the word brings much attention to a simple approach to living. The word shayari is also the keyword in the advices of Patanjali, the classical text on yoga. According to Patanjali, the true seeker is one who is not addicted to food and worldly pleasures.

‘Shayari Holiness’ is about following a straightforward lifestyle and striving to build the most superior form of relationship with oneself. It also implies focusing on the spiritual aspect of life, and not getting caught up in materialism and sensualism. Some people associate this word with asceticism. But that is far from the truth.

In the words of Patanjali, the shayari is all about ” eschewing desire [for material possessions]”. Desire is characterized as craving for something that is not desired. This leads to dissatisfaction leads to attachment. So, in order to attain happiness, you must shun desire. In fact, the desire to be rich is itself the problem.

Seeking pleasure, ease and relaxation is not part of the shayari lifestyle. Rather, the shayari approach focuses on finding a solution to the problems of life. The holiness associated with shayari means “that which is beautiful”. So, it is about being beautiful inside and out. And, it is about living a beautiful life.

There is a difference between holiness and vanity. Vanity is what makes a person feel good about themselves. Holiness is more about what is seen and the approach to life. Vanity simply puts you up-and-down. Holiness sees things in an eternal perspective and so is more concerned with the ‘awe’ or’spirit’.

There are many books and articles on shayari holiness that can help you along the way. However, below is a shayari dictionary that will give you a good idea of the meaning of the word. Shayari in Sanskrit means “to act as”, “to concentrate”, “to command” and “to direct”. Now, when you look at it in context of a monk, you would be looking at discipline, concentration, inner focus and willpower.

As a Layman, I can tell you that shayari holiness is all about a spiritual growth. It is about approaching life with a calm and steady gaze. It is about not trying to please others at the cost of following our own path. It is about learning to let go of our attachment to any set goal. It is about giving life and happiness to all that we do.

When we enter shayari, it is said that we have reached the stage where we can’see the stream for what it is’. This is a very useful approach as it will help you to see how the stream is evolving and flowing. It will also give you a vision of your life path. Once you have this information, you will be able to decide which part of your life needs improvement and work on it.

As we approach the shayari year, there will be lots of new developments in our lives. Some of them will benefit us and others may cause us distress. It is up to us to decide which of these is worth pursuing. In shayari, we are supposed to take responsibility for all that we do. This is what brings benefits to our life.

In shayari, we are also meant to give and spread knowledge on the path of life. The aim of life is to grow in wisdom. We are all here to learn. Knowledge is power and in the hands of wisdom, power is attainable. As we grow in wisdom, so shall our awareness of Who we are become more powerful.

In the shayari year, you will be expected to pay a visit to at least three places. Visiting these places will help you to strengthen your faith and your purpose in life. If you attend shayari regularly, then you will be blessed. You will see the truth of who you really are. This will give you inner happiness and make you ready to face the rest of the world.